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Terms & Conditions

All purchases by “Client” from “Wide Line Data” are subject to the terms and conditions in this agreement. Unlimited Use, List Rentals. Unless otherwise agreed in writing signed by Licensor and Client, Client can use that listing for outbound sales, e-marketing, direct mailing, recruiting, branding, announcements, driving traffic to your web site, channel partner pull through campaigns, etc.

Client is permitted to use the list provided by Licensor for the following purposes:
i) Direct mail solicitations,
ii) Conducting telephone solicitations,
iii)Conducting telephone surveys, or
iv) Email Marketing.

Client Purchase Orders: Pricing, data elements, and file layouts are agreed on a per order basis. The prices and rates for the services do include either shipping costs or applicable federal, state or local taxes, and Client will pay or reimburse Licensor for such shipping costs and taxes, unless specified otherwise.

Payment Terms: Client will pay Licensor in full for the services in the amounts agreed upon by Licensor and Client. Licensor’s invoices will be deemed to be correct and acceptable to Client unless Client advises Licensor of disputed items within seven (07) days of their receipt of data. Payments shall be made to Licensor within Seven (7) days of invoice date for all Licensor services.

Delivery: Client will receive the file in 4 – 5 business days upon payment receipt.Data will be delivered over an FTP link in an Excel format.
SPAM Compliant: We take pride in our ethical business reputation, and our stringent policies are designed to take a firm stance against spam and spam laws in different countries/continents. Our advanced technology platform is designed with compliance opportunities and maximizes their return on investment, without the distraction of compliance concerns .All addresses are Opt-in confirmed and CAN-Spam compliant.

Data Verification: We go through the NCOA and ECOA Certification every 90 days. We have very high quality email addresses that have been Tested, Permission Passed and 100% verified by our Research Associates in our Corporate Office in California. We guarantee 85% Deliverability on emails and 95% + on all other information.

Bounce Policy: if the campaign is deployed within 30 days of purchase we guarantee that no more than 10% of the purchased quantity will hard bounce (for clarity’s this doesn’t not include soft bounce). Once we receive and confirm the hard bounces, we will provide the client with additional data, a credit or a refund, whichever the client prefers. However, whenever possible, we will provide a 15-25% overage, at no additional cost to the client, to account for any hard bounces that may results from the first deployment.